How to write a love letter to your child?

This ebook is for you, when ...

  • you'll be a mom or a dad soon, and you want to document your emotions

  • you want to keep your beautiful memories with your baby forever

  • you have a toddler or already a teenie, and you feel the need to write down wishes, memories or dreams ro read them to him or her today or some day in the future

Do you want to write a love letter to your child for whatever reason? Great! This ebook is designed for you!

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There is nothing more important to a child's self-esteem than feeling loved. A letter is a wonderful way to document your parental love, because other than spoken words, a letter can be read again and again in different phases of life.

Together with our parent community at YAY, we have put together a ton of ideas to inspire you for your personal letter.

You want to document your love now? Awesome!

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Do you want to write a love letter to your child for whatever reason? Great! This ebook is designed for you!

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What parents say about this YAY ebook

With these carefully collected ideas, parents can record the development of their children even more accurately and no longer have to worry about possible topics or suitable formulations. The suggestions also help parents to discover the world again with them from a children's perspective.

In addition, there are plenty of ideas on how parents can tell their children about their own childhood to create a real dialogue between generations.

Dr. Daniela Galashan is a psychologist and neuroscientist. She lives in the north of Germany together with her husband and three kids.

About the author

Yay! Great to have you here! I'm Imme, mom of two boys and co-founder of YAY, the online printable journal for parents. Memories have always had a special place in my heart and if you will listen to my TEDx talk „Stories behind pictures“ you will get to know my personal story. For now, let me tell you this:

When my husband and I became parents, we wanted to capture the most important milestones, the funniest anecdotes, and the most emotional experiences of our family life. We learned that a lot of parents loved that idea, too, and that’s why we founded YAY | The Online-Journal for parents. We unite parents that love to write down memories because they don’t want to forget the stories behind their pictures. We’re proud of our growing community and say thank you to you for discovering our ideas.

A love letter is an especially beautiful memory for your child. Download this e-book and start writing our own love letter today!

xoxo, Imme

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