Your Family Photo Journal digital & print

Save your memories, share them safely, download them at any time, and print them beautifully.

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Why you will love YAY

Like a Thread For Your Memories

With YAY you create a legacy of love for your family. Safe, sorted, of the highest quality.

Keep the overview

YAY shows all your pictures, videos and texts on a timeline. Keep the overview with filters for children, time periods and an automatically created archive. Date entries back to add old photos and captions.

Multiply your happiness

No need to text everyone all the time. Sign up your loved ones for notifications. Mark entries as secret when you document private thoughts.

Remember forever

Print high-quality photo books for each child within minutes. Download your YAY as a beautifully designed PDF. Get an export to your device.

Your Online Journal

More than just an app

An impersonal cloud is not the right place for your emotional memories. Filter your YAY by children, invite your loved ones to read along, and choose your favorite design. Make it your favorite place for your memories!

Save everything that matters

Is your memory card full again? YAY offers unlimited storage space because we want you to save ALL your meaningful memories in one place.

Download your YAY Journal as an eBook. As often as you like! There are no additional costs.

Scroll through it with loved ones or print it for your own creative projects. For example, a scrapbook with souvenirs!

Download Pias Adventures as a sample

Invite loved ones

Invite family & friends to follow the timeline. They will automatically receive an e-mail notification when you post something new.

Don't worry, they will not be notified after every little edit.

Mark entries as private when you write down thoughts that are just for you.

Filter memories by child

Do you want to see all your children on one timeline? Or shall every child have his or her own timeline? You don't need to choose. Just use our filters to sort, download and print your memories by child.

Personalize your YAY

Customize the background and font of your YAY, add stickers, avatar pictures and the age of your children.

Lege deine Kinder

Lege deine Kinder mit Avatarbild und Alter an. Das Alter wird dir bei jedem Tagebucheintrag angezeigt.

Add colorful stickers

Beautify your journal entries with stickers and colors! They will even display when you download your Journal. Do you write your YAY together with your partner or grandparents? Let everyone pick their own sticker color, and you always know who wrote what.

Filter your YAY by period

What did you experience last summer? Take a look in your archive! YAY creates it automatically for you.

"Being young parents for only a few weeks now, YAY is a fantastic platform to capture all pics, text and videos within one single platform. It is very user-friendly and intuitive to handle."

Markus Krebs

Dad from Munich

Your prints

All your memories in one place, ready for print

Print premium photo books from your pictures, videos and texts with just a few clicks. YAY places everything automatically. Your videos appear as small QR codes, which you can scan with your smartphone. Order directly or customize your photo book in various ways!

YAY photo book: full color brilliance, perfect text design

For you & your friends

Choose your favorite subscription plan

At YAY, parents prefer to pay with a subscription rather than with their most precious personal data. Choose the best plan for yourself or give YAY to a friend.

YAY for you

9,90 € /month

12 x € 9,90 billed yearly
€ 13,00 billed monthly

  • 30 days trial free

  • Payment by invoice, Klarna or credit card

  • Unlimited storage for your memories

  • Magically organized timeline with archive

  • Various printing options

  • PDF Download

  • Personal support

  • Highest security standards

Give YAY as a gift

25,00 € /one time

Give a 3 months subscription to a loved one

  • The perfect gift for all (expectant) parents

  • Payment by invoice, Klarna or credit card

  • Unlimited storage for your memories

  • Magically organized timeline with archive

  • Various printing options

  • PDF Download

  • Personal support

  • Highest security standards


* We will create automatic layouts for your photo books. The price does not include the costs for printing your photo books.
Export to PDF is free of charge.

At a glance

Your benefits

All your memories chronologically sorted on a timeline, everytime ready to print. For more yay in your life!

One place for all your pictures, videos AND text

All your memories appear chronologically on a timeline. You can date entries back and forth. Storage is unlimited.

Automatic archive

As you write your journal entries, YAY automatically creates an archive by years and months for you. You can filter it by periods and children.

Make it yours!

Customize background and font of your YAY, add stickers, avatar pictures + the age of your children. Your timeline displays their age. Wow, how fast they grow!

Family notifications

No need to send chat messages to everyone all the time. When you post a new journal entry, your loved ones will be notified. Write secret posts for private thoughts.


Download your YAY as a beautifully designed PDF. Choose which entries you want to include. Send it to friends or print it out for yourself!

Automated printing

Print high-end photobooks within a few clicks. Customize the design. Combine entries as often as you want to create new photo books.

Backup guarantee

Your smartphone falls into a fountain? YAY is the backup to your life. We host your memories GDPR compliant and back them up on the highest technology standards.


Feels good to have a personal backup on your own device? We'd love to send you an export file with all your memories!

Advantage web app

Want to access your YAY from different devices? Easy peasy lemon squeezy! YAY works as a web app in the browser. No need to sync or install anything. Your YAY is always up to date on all devices.

Personal support

Questions? Concerns? Ideas? Just send us a message! We will take care of your concerns personally. We are happy when you are happy!

Looking for Inspiration?

Get our free ebooks, and you'll create a stunning baby journal, write wonderful letters to your child and take great pictures with your family!

Discover YAY's ebooks

Our 5 FAQ

What is an Online Journal?

YAY's Online Journal works as a web app in your browser. You can use it as any other app on your smartphone. In addition, you can access it with Mac & PC. You get a private domain, and invite loved ones to read along without any installation.

Do I need a subscription for every child?

Nope. You choose one subscription and add all your children. You can filter your timeline by child and print the right photo book for each of them with just some clicks.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

We'll send you a chronological export of all your data. You can download your memories as a PDF and print them as a photo book up to the last day. On the day of termination, your account will be permanently deleted. Your memories cannot be restored after that day. If you're simply going through a turbulent period, you can pause your subscription and reactivate it at any time.

Can I switch between subscriptions?

Of course! You can switch between the subscriptions after the end of one billing period.

Sent us a note, we will handle this for you!

How do you secure my data?

Your smartphone fell in the well? YAY has backed up your memories.

Someone googles your kid? Your YAY cannot be found via search engines on the Internet.

We secure your data according to the highest security standards and encrypt our backups. You access your YAY Online Journal encrypted via SSL. For security reasons, your passwords are not stored in our database. Please find all details on our data security here.