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Are you looking for ideas about the best ways to capture memories for your child, or how to write a love letter to your child?

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YAY's ebooks

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  1. How to Write a Love Letter to My Child?

  2. Ideas for My Baby Journal


How to Write a Love Letter to Your Child

This ebook blog is for you if you feel the desire to write a letter to your child, whether he or she is still in your belly, just born, or soon to be 18. A letter is one of the most emotional and beautiful ways to show your child how proud you are and how much you love him or her. You will find plenty of inspiration for your child in this ebook.

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Ideas for Your Baby Journal

Do you want to remember the most meaningful moments of your new family life forever? Do you want to learn how to tell your child about your family life, your proud and love? Do you want to know which milestones you want to track?

We have put together the most beautiful ideas for you.
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