Ideas For Your Baby Journal

The miracle happens. Your baby is born. From now on, every day is full of miracles. One day you want to tell your child about all the wonderful moments you have experienced together.

But which milestones are important? What would be lovely to remember? How can you document your love?

We have created an ebook full of ideas for you, and it's totally free!

What this eBook is about

  • A Personal Questionnaire that you can expand on your own every month.

  • Ideas to observe the sensory world of your child Questions about your child's pioneering experience

  • Questions to yourself as a mom or dad (your child is not the only one evolving each day!)

  • How to tell your child about yourself and your roots

  • "From What to How": Learn the secret behind writing form different perspectives

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I'm happy that I can use YAY for my children, today. This eBook helped me get plenty of ideas on how to tell my girls about our crazy, funny and wonderful everyday life. I wish there would be such a lovely journal about my childhood! It must be great to read about how much your family loved you.

Maria Westen

Founder of MyMaisie, Mom of 2

Download your eBook

Download your ebook here for free and start creating your legacy of love today!

Thanks to this eBook, you will never again sit in front of a blank page or miss a milestone that you would have liked to have captured.

Let me give you one advice before you start your baby journal:

There is no way you can write down too many memories. The opposite is the case. The more you write down, the more you avoid that a great anecdote gets lost. You don't know which one will be the most cherished by your children.

So, don't be selective. Just start!