The most frequently asked questions about YAY

What is an online journal?

Like a classic diary made of paper, an online journal or diary allows you to documentation your or your children's life in chronological order. Unlike a blog, it is intended for private use.

YAY offers you a digital and modern form for preserving your memories. You can save an unlimited number of pictures, videos, invite loved ones to read alone and print stunning photo books within some clicks. We propose you the best layouts, place your texts and transform your videos in decent QR codes. That's how you keep all memories in one place!

YAY functions as a browser-based application. This allows you to use it with all your devices without the need to synchronize every time you change your device.

Your YAY is protected by the highest security standards and a password that only you know.

You start with a free subscription for 30 days. After the trial ends, you can convert into a paid subscription.

With our team, we give our best to provide you with the most practical and beautiful companion for your daily memories. Start your YAY now!

Kann ich YAY als Corona-Tagebuch nutzen?

Klar! Das YAY Online-Tagebuch bietet dir die Möglichkeit, Fotos, Texte und Videos in einen geschützten Bereich einzustellen und direkt aus der App heraus Fotobücher zu drucken. Welche Inhalte du einstellst, ist natürlich dir überlassen. In der Coronazeit haben besonders Familien Freude daran gefunden, Erlebnis- und Erinnerungstagebücher zu schreiben und zu drucken.

Hier findest du Ideen, wie du dein Corona-Tagebuch schreibst.

I don't find the answer to my question in the FAQ

No prob! We would LOVE hearing from you.

<a href="">Chat with us <strong><i class="fa fa-whatsapp"></i> Whatsapp</strong> +491746004263</a>

<a href="">or email us!</a>

Is YAY's Online Journal an app?

Yes! YAY is a progressive WebApp. It combines benefits from a native app with a browser-based application:

This allows you to use YAY with all your devices without the need to synchronize your memories every time you change your device. You don't need to install anything, nor need your loved ones you invite reading along. Just connect YAY to the home screen of your device and open it with one click like every other app.

Connect YAY with your home screen in 1 minute

Can I date my journal entries forward or backward?

Of course!

You can backdate your journal entries to add memories from some days, months or years ago. You can also create entries for the future. This is useful, for example, if you want to save drafts or if you collect milestones for each month that should only be displayed on your YAY-line on the respective child's monthly birthday.

Can I change the order of my entries in the online diary?


Below the heading of each entry, you find the date field. Click into it to change the date. when you reopen your YAY, the entry will automatically be placed in the correct chronological position at your yay-line (or update it by pressing F5).

Entries written on the same day can be sorted by entering the time.

How many pictures can I save in my YAY Online Journal?

Storage is unlimited. Upload as many pictures as you like!
But please stay fair: If you upload 1 billion pictures, we will contact you and find a solution together :-)

Can I personalize my YAY?


We want your YAY to be your personal place number 1 for your memories. That's way we offer you many options to personalize it:

  1. Your web adress: You can choose your own web adress for your YAY. Choose a name that sparks joy to you! Examples:




  1. Background You can choose between many backgrounds to customize your YAY according to the season or mood. Do you want to use your own background image? Ping me!

  2. Font You can choose your favorite font.

  3. Create a profile for each child Your Yay-line grows together with your children! Save their name, age and an image for each child and assign individual diary entries to each of them. That will allow you to their

Kinder anlegen, 1, 2 oder alle aus der Familie?

Create a profile for every child

Go to the settings and choose "my children". Create a profile for every child (name, age, avatar picture). It allows you to assign journal entries to each of them. You can filter your YAY line by each of them individually. You want to write from the perspective of your dog? Create a profile for him, too :)

Do you usually write from the perspective of one child, but sometimes you want to write from the perspective of the whole family? Create a separate avatar for you as a family. Or, for family entries, don't choose an avatar at all. You can also filter your YAY-line according to this.

You can also filter your photo book by family member to create a personal one for each of them.

How do I invite loved ones to read along?

In your YAY, you find a mailing list for all your loved ones who are allowed to read along. Send them your web address and your reading password so that they can login. Before you start, let them know that they will soon receive notifications from your YAY (we are working on an automated welcome message, so we can do that part for you soon!)

From now on, your loved ones will receive an email notification every time you post something new. We will send them the link to your online journal every time.

No worries, they can't edit or delete your entries. It's just a reading permission. You're the only admin as long as you don't give your admin login to anybody.

Do you want to share your memories with friends, but also keep some entries secret? No problem. You can choose different levels of reading permission for every entry.

Can my family & friends comment my entries?

This feature is not available for now. Your grandma would like every entry anyway, wouldn't she? If you want someone from your family to write entries, hand over your login details secretly.

You miss this feature? Let us know!

Can I use my YAY in public?

This is uncommon, but yes, you can. It's up to you to protect your online journal by password or not. You find the password options in your settings.

How much does it cost to download and print my YAY?

You can download your YAY as an ebook (PDF, DinA4) for free, even during the trial period.

To learn more about the pricing of our photo books, click here.

The price of your printed journal depends on the number of pages. One journal entry roughly correspondents to one double page, depending on how long your texts are and the number of pictures you want to have on a double page. You can put several journal entries on one page if you want to reduce the number of pages in your photo book. For every photo book you can choose which journal entries you want to print. This allows you to print a highlight book for your grandparents and a thick photo book with all memories for yourself, for example.

You'll see the exact price of your photo book in your personal photo book space.

Are there some tutorials for creating a great photo book?

Yes, please watch our mini tutorials to discover all features and options!

If you want some help in addition, chat with us. We can propose individual layouts and provide quality assurance in case of need.

What is a Storck Package or a YAY Gift Card?

You can give a 3 months subscription of YAY as a gift to a friend. After the 3 months period ended, your friend can seamlessly switch to a paid subscription. We also offer gift subscriptions for 6, 9 or 12 months, including or not including the first photo book. Tell us what would be the best gift for your friend.

Someone gave me YAY as a gift. How can I activate my YAY?

Insert the activation code from your gift code here. We will guide you through the short ordering process. You don't have to pay anything. Say thanks to your stork!

What will my YAY look like when I print it?

When you download your YAY as an ebook (PDF), it will look like your YAY Online Journal. You will see the picture and age of your children and the little sticker you added to your entires.

When you print a photo book from your YAY, you'll get a high end with beautiful finish in full bleed design. Your entries will be printed with headline, date and text body. The picture and age of your child that are displayed in each journal entry will not be printed, neither will the background of your Online Journal. Have a look at our photo books here.

Can I reorder photo books?

Every time! All your photo book projects remain saved in your admin space. You can reorder every one of them. You can also copy an old project (even a photo book that you already ordered) if you want to use it as a base for a slightly adapted version of your first photo book.

Can I create different photo books from my YAY?

For every photo book you can choose which journal entries you want to print. This allows you to print a highlight book for your grandparents and a thick photo book with all memories for yourself, for example. You can filter your photo book by child to print the best one for each of them.

How do you protect my personal data?

We protect your memories at the highest security level. Please check out our detailed information about data security at YAY.

Wie steht es um die Sichbarkeit meiner Einträge?

Nur du siehst deine Einträge. Kein anderer Kunde kann dein Online-Tagebuch einsehen. Mitlesen können nur die Personen, an die du selbst deine URL und dein Lesepasswort weitergibst.

What happens to my memories once I cancel my subscription?

You can download your memories as a beautiful designed PDF at any time for free. You can export your memories for free.
You can print them as a high-end photo book (additional costs).
You can "park" them for 2 €/months and reactivate your account at every time by starting a new paid subscription.
We can export your YAY as a non-editable website and see your memories online forever (2 €/months).

Can I reactivate my YAY after having cancelled?

Once you cancelled your subscription, we'll delete your account at the end of your paid plan for good. After we deleted it, you can't reactivate your YAY. When you go, we offer you an export of your diary entries as a zip-file. You can also download your Online Journal as an ebook as PDF without additional costs.

What happens after my free trial, gift or storck subscription end?

You'll get an email from us to choose your subscription plan. If you don't want to start a paid subscription, no worries, just give as a short notice.

If you don't do anything, your subscription will be cancelled and your account will be deleted within the next 6 months.

Once you started a paid subscription, your plan will be prolonged automatically (monthly or yearly, depending on your subscription plan). We will ask you well in advance if you want to continue.

Does my subscription plan will prolonge automatically?

Once you started a paid subscription, your plan will be prolonged automatically (monthly or yearly, depending on your subscription plan). We will ask you well in advance if you want to continue.

Can I export my data (before I go)?

Write us an email with your Online Journals web adress and we'll send you a zip-file that contains all your pictures and texts sorted chronologically in separate files.

You don't have to wait until you cancel your subscription one day. We're happy to export your data at any time if you want to have a backup at your device from time to time. Notice: If you don't want to use YAY any longer, write us BEFORE you cancel your subscription.

Can I pause my subscription?

There are phases in life when there is simply no time. If you want to take a break for more than 6 months, we offer silent hosting for 2 € / month. If you choose that option, you can't open (neither open nor read) your YAY, but you can reactivate it at every time without losing any data. Let us know if you are interested.

Can I pay my YAY by standing order?

Of course. Please insert the name of your journal name (not only the invoice number). That allows us to assign your payment.

Can I change my subscription plan?

You want to change your monthly plan into a yearly one or vice versa? No prob, just let us know. We'll be happy to change it for the billing period.

Can I upload videos in my YAY?

Yes, by using Vimeo:

  1. Upload your videos on and choose the private, password protected mode.

  2. Then copy the sharing link (not the embedding link and not the domain link that contains the word "manage") in your YAY in the regular text box of your journal entry. Save your journal entry.

  3. Now open your yay-line and press play. You see your video in the same quality as in Vimeo now.

Notice: Your Vimeo sharing link looks like this:

https: //

Do loved ones read your YAY along? Note your password in the same journal entry so that they can play your video.

When you print a photo book, your video will be displayed as decent QR code.

Why do I have to use Vimeo to upload videos?

For now, our focus is on saving memories and printing them as high-end photo-books. That's why we don't have the hosting of videos on our priority list at the moment - we can't do all at the same time, sorry! But one day, we will probably host your videos on our own.

What happens with my videos when I print a photo-book?

When you print a photo book, your video will first be displayed as a link in our online software. During the printing process, the link will be transformed in a decent QR code.

When you hold your photo books in your hands, you can read the QR Code with you smartphone.

Why should I embedd videos in my YAY?

You will have a memory book containing ALL your memories - text, videos and pictures will be at one place. Isn't that great? :-)

Why do my loved ones don't get email notifications?

You used the private mailing list in your YAY to inform loved ones about new journal entries? Great!

They will get notifications every 36 hours and not every time you click the save button.
I give you an example:
If you create 5 entries in one day, your loved ones will get an email after you saved the first entry, and only if you write something again after 36 hours, the next one. We chose this interval, because you may correct a spelling mistake or add one single picture to an existing journal entry and don't want your loved ones to be informed about that every hour. -You want to spark joy and don't want to be spammy, right? ;)

Do I have access to all features during the trial?

Absolutely. Print high-end photo books, personalize your YAY or download your YAY as an ebook. During the free trial, you can use every feature.

What happens at the end of my trial period?

Your YAY is completely free of charge for 30 days. Before your trial ends, you got an email to chose your favorite subscription plan (see above) and continue to save your memories seamlessly. The trial does NOT automatically switch to a paid subscription.

Which features are available during the free trial?

You can test all features during the trial: You can personalize your YAY, print high-end photo-books, download en ebook from your Online Journal and get an export of your data.

Do I get a discount for recommending YAY to a friend?

Oh yes, we reward your recommendation! This feature is only available in German for now. Write as an email, and you and your friend will get €15 off!

What's included in my YAY subscription?

You have one personal place for ALL your memories. You will never forget your crazy, funny or lovely story behind your picture!
With YAY, we offer you UNLIMITED storage for all your pictures and text. You can add videos by using Vimeo.
Your memories are chronologically sorted and ready to print as high-end photo book every time!
You can download a beautifully designed ebook for free.
You can export your data. We host your memories based on highest security standards.
We don't do advertising or profile building s*** with your personal data!
You can contact as for personal support via Chat, Mail or telephone.
We help you to lay out your photo book if you want to some support.
We protect the most precious gift you can give to your family: Your memories.
Yes, you got all that for € 9,90 per month!