"A picture is worth a thousand words"?

Not when it comes to personal memories.

Today, we produce a lot of content for the unknown public on social media, but don't create memories for ourselves and our loved ones.

We take thousands of pictures with our smartphones, but don't look at them anymore.

Be different. Forge deep emotional connections through your memories. Here's how:

When Imme became a mother for the first time, the early death of her mother reoccupied her thoughts. Imme became aware of her missing memories. Together with her husband, she turned her pain into her passion and transformed her expertise in the field of memories into her profession.

Together, they made it their mission to strengthen the bond between family members through memories.
They developed an innovative journal app called YAY that enables families to document and share their child's life story with loved ones.

With YAY, you will not feel stuck with a device full of unsorted pictures. Your fear of loosing your precious memories will stop. YAY enables you to pass on your stories and emotions to your loved ones easily.

Do you love memories, too?

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