Episode 08

YAY-Momente mit ... Carolina Yeo

  • "One career is not enough" is the slogan of &ahead, the career platform and network Caro created for parents and all individuals who wish to relaunch and redefine their careers

  • She is the founder of Proftrack, a recommendation website enabling users to find learning opportunities such as professional training, and a partner of the Future Work Forum

  • My Career & Child (renamed) is the community of &ahead that you can join on Facebook

  • Caro is part of the AIESEC community and if you have questions about that just ask her on LinkedIn!

Zusammenfassung der Folge

Welcome to "Yay moments with ... Caro!"

"How can we build our own personal board of advisors to support us? Companies have it. Entrepreneurs have it. Why shouldn't we have it for our career in general?"

This is one of the questions, Caro raises in our interview. With her company &ahead she helps individuals find clarity and build a personal brand. Many of her mentees wish to relaunch their career after having taken a break for parenthood, but today, there are many reasons to reinvent yourself. That's why "One Career is not Enough" is one of the guiding principles of Caro's startup.

This topic is just the starting point of a deep talk about balancing work and private life and cultural differences between working families in Singapore and Germany.

In this interview, we will learn from Caro:

  • how the (ending) of her mother's career positively influenced her own perspective on having a career AND children.

  • all about her mission to have everyone fulfill their career potential and to make an impact. Many people ask themselves these questions after 10 or more years in corporate and address &ahead to find clarity

  • how members of her network not only gain confidence in themselves by participating in the &ahead platform but how they are enabled to help others with their career relaunch afterward

  • how is childcare in Singapore, the country where Caro was born? What does the social system offer? Is it culturally acceptable to take parenthood?

  • how to form and control your personal narrative on social media before you get controlled:

    This easily happens even when you just like some posts. Social media is part of technology change and recruitment. Today, 70 percent happens on LinkedIn. So I think this is what is important for individuals to understand."

    When talking about that, Caro relates to Deepak Chopra, an Indian neuroscientist, and author who inspired her to think Social Media from a new perspective.

  • why it is important to deal with the right target group and if it is important to be part of it

  • how to build a team in a country you don't fluently speak the language. Since Caro, a native of Singapore, has only been living in Germany for a few years, she can give tips on how to set up a business in Germany without speaking fluent German.

After having discussed all these technical questions in Caro's office in the heart of Frankfurt, we attacked some very personal affairs in the end.

What does Caro make happy? How does she find fulfillment in a busy everyday life? What does count more: Experiencing some big moments of happiness or the amount of many little ones?

Caro lost a dear friend two days before we recorded our interview and that's why our conversation led us to a discussion about gratitude in the end. That is exactly why I chose to release this episode on Christmas.

For me, Christmas is the occasion to express gratitude for everything we have, be it health, love, friends, children, a good meal or a warm place to stay. Merry Christmas, everyone. Thank you for listening.


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